Welcome to the Neighbourhood: Stripped Wax Bar’s Smooth Operators Come to SOLO District

SOLO 219


When those lady parts and man bits need a tender loving coiffure, SOLO District homeowners and visitors will know exactly where to go.


Stripped, a one-stop specialty salon for waxing and trimming unwanted body hair is coming to Skyline Drive in SOLO District next fall.


The small chain’s popularity has boomed since the first one opened and is the brainchild of husband-wife team of Jag Sandhar and Susan Vu.


Sandhar jokes that he and Vu may have opened Stripped some four years ago because he need it so badly. “I have the hairy gene, and I was the first customer at Stripped.


“I like to wear tank tops and not have grass growing out of the neckline,” he laughs.


For years, where he needed a waxing, “[Sandhar] had to go to these mom and pop shops with a dingy back room you’d get a wax, and it wasn’t the most hygienic or professional environment. When he visited high-end spas for a back and chest wax, he found he was intimidated by so-called “luxe” services, where aestheticians came off as elitist.


That’s why he’s so proud of the casual, energetic environment that Stripped presents to customers today.


To regular customers at the Kitsilano, Yaletown, and Lonsdale locations, Stripped is a place of comfort; where it’s easy to talk to the staff and get quick efficient drop-in service. Sandhar says that both women’s Brazilian waxes and Manzilians (the male equivalent) is a specialty growing in popularity. “Strippers” get many requests for a “vajazzle,” or the placing of Swarovski crystals in a neat pattern on a woman’s nether-regions.


The numbers of men who come to Stripped are growing, says Sandhar. They visit for work on their back, shoulders, chest, and, yes, even their nether regions. The “smooth operators” on staff see anything and everything, so they’re highly professional and no request comes as a surprise.


Jag Sandhar has some soothing words for “wax virgins”—men and women who may have struggled with at-home hair removal, only to learn professionals could do it better—and safer.


People don’t want the frills and gimmicks, he says.  Stripped is “a cool gender neutral funky place. All our staff is there to provide a professional service, and that’s that.”


Sandhar says the availability of a spot at SOLO District comes at the right place at the right time.


“We’re specific about where we go—it’s got to be a trendy area with high foot traffic and where the surrounding demographics fit us really well, so we’re excited about going into SOLO District.”


For more on Stripped’s services, check out the website here.



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