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BUILDING ON: SOLO District construction update

North Burnaby’s skyline is looking dramatically different these days as Phase 2 of SOLO District, Altus, climbs higher and higher. (more…)

EXPLORING THE SOLO NEIGHBOURHOOD: BC Liquor Store x Sakura Spring Cocktail

SOLO Burnaby BC Liquor Store

The first week of spring brought beautiful cherry blossoms and also marked the arrival of another wonderful retailer at the SOLO District. BC Liquor Store finally opened its doors with its grand opening on March 25th.  Located on the ground floor of our plaza, its wide selection of liquor and drinks serve as a great compliment to the diverse Whole Foods offerings next door.



The workday is finally over – but before you can relax, there is still dinner to plan. For those who don’t have energy to cook after a long day, we have an easy and delicious suggestion for you. Today, we continue our foodie exploration with a SOLO District neighbour – Browns Socialhouse.

SOLO District Browns Socialhouse


Beyond Buyers: Appia Development Funds Community Growth


Since Altus’ successful sales launch in June, buyers have learned more about the benefits they get: spacious suites, green energy sources, and a neighbourhood that’s beyond compare when it comes to retail and services.


In early July, Burnaby’s general public learned that the introduction of Altus would bring with it even more benefits to the community at large.


At a recent Burnaby city council meeting, councilors approved density bonus funds of just under $6.7 million from Appia Development.


Appia Development’s “Giro di Burnaby” Brings International Racers to the Podium

Photo Credit: City of Burnaby


Hundreds of cycling fans cheered on the riders at Giro Di Burnaby July 11, in what turned out to be one of the most successful criteriums in its history.


Florenz Knauer of Germany placed first in the men’s race, and Denise Ramsden rose to the top of the podium in the women’s race. Hailing from Yellowknife, Ramsden was also a competitor at the London 2012 Summer Olympics.


Knauer finished the 45-lap Giro di Burnaby circuit along Hastings Street in one hour, 20 minutes and 29 seconds.


Dollars and Sense: Study Shows those who Live Near Transit have a Healthy Financial Life


A fascinating study in the U.S. can tell us a lot about the economics of SOLO District homeowners—namely, how the proximity to transit and services is a great barometer to their financial health and whether they’ll default on home payments.


The Atlantic Cities reported on the study, based on U.S. research. The analysis is so exhaustive (as it looks at 37,000 mortgages) and the developments in the study are similar to those in Canada—especially SOLO District—that its findings are relevant here.


When a homeowner in a multi-family development lives next to transit, has walking access to shopping areas, lives close to parks and open spaces, or lives close to a thoroughfare or freeway, they are much more likely to keep up their payments regularly.


Hot Time, Summer in the City: This Season is Burnaby’s Time to Shine

Photo Credit: Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival


If the heat wave we’ve felt in early July is any indication of what’s to come, Burnaby residents should get ready to slather on the sunscreen before heading out in a season chock full of arts and activities. With a new community centre, music festivals in Deer Lake Park, the RCMP’s musical ride and some soothing symphonic sounds, there’s no excuse for staying at home this summer.


Altus Launch Heralds Confidence in Burnaby Economy, Transit-Centered Development


June was a busy month for SOLO District.


Hundreds of groups of home hunters, media and visiting dignitaries stopped by the SOLO District presentation centre on June 15th for the official “groundbreaking” of Altus, the community’s second and tallest tower, while even more visited the Willingdon sales centre for the official sales launch for Altus units on June 22nd.


The launch of the second phase of construction fortified Appia Development’s commitment to planning one of the most vibrant, pedestrian-friendly, and social neighbourhoods in Burnaby.


Affordability: The Power of Location


British Columbia is the priciest province in Canada in which to afford a home, according to a recently released housing affordability index. Local renters and first-time buyers won’t be surprised that Vancouver is the most expensive municipality in the province.


North Burnaby homehunters get some relief, though, with the news that the municipality is ranked as more affordable than Vancouver and Richmond.



Value-Added: The Power of a Home with a View


There aren’t too many homeowners in Greater Vancouver who can boast that they have a great view from their first-floor condo.


But that’s the case at Altus, where the “first” residential floor is actually the 15th physical floor—with 14 floors of office and commercial space below. It’s that structure that makes Altus a one-of-a-kind building. Every floor has a view—and the view is one of the many features that give buyers more value for their money at Altus.