Welcome, Neighbour! SOLO Dental brings beautiful, healthy smiles

SOLO District strives to bring everything you need to your front door. And today another essential service comes to the neighbourhood!
SOLO Dental is now open and accepting new patients.
Take a moment to explore this modern, innovative dental practice. You may even get excited about visiting the dentist!

WHO ARE YOU?: I’m Dr. Danial Deheshi and I am the dentist and visionary behind our exciting new dental practice, SOLO Dental.
WHAT IS SOLO DENTAL?: SOLO Dental is a new dental practice in a convenient location aimed at providing patients with the best dental care in a very modern, professional and relaxing environment. We provide a wide range of treatments from general dentistry to specialized care. Our philosophy is to provide patients with “an experience catered to you.”
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO OPEN AN OFFICE AT SOLO DISTRICT?: SOLO District presented itself as a community that offers a central hub of services for people searching for quality, excellence and convenience.
DO YOU HAVE OTHER LOCATIONS?: I currently have a clinic called Norburn Dental Centre in the Heights, but I’ll be directing my attention to SOLO Dental, which will be my home practice.
WHAT’S SOMETHING PEOPLE MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT SOLO DENTAL?: SOLO Dental offers a variety of ways to keep patients relaxed during their dental treatment — and maybe even make them look forward to visiting!
We offer a comfortable, spa-like environment with a bright, open space, ceiling TVs and active noise-cancelling headphones. The headphones help cut out those sounds we all want to avoid.
Our SOLO Dental staff are committed to giving patients the attention and respect they deserve. We don’t judge, no matter how long it’s been since someone’s last visit or what condition their teeth are in.
We’re also registered to provide sedation to people who need some help to tolerate treatment. In fact, we’re proud to say that we’ve worked with many patients who no longer need sedation! Building trust often helps reduce or overcome phobias.
HOW MANY TIMES A DAY SHOULD PEOPLE BE FLOSSING?: Oh, the dreaded floss question! My general advice is floss daily, but most importantly avoid leaving food between your teeth. Between the teeth is the area where most food sits for long periods of time and is the reason why most cavities occur. One of our staff says it best — floss only the teeth you want to keep!
ANYTHING YOU’D LIKE TO ADD?: We are taking registrations daily. Patients can call 604-299-SOLO (7656) or email us at info@solodental.ca to register.

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