Signature Liquor Store comes to SOLO District

SOLO 195

Appia Development is pleased to bring a Signature Liquor Store to SOLO District.

A liquor store is the perfect addition to a community that is shaping up to be a full, vibrant neighbourhood that demands little more from its residents than a few minutes’ stroll to fulfill basic needs.


Signature Liquor Stores stand apart from the average liquor store because they carry a wider variety of products: higher-end and specialty brands on spirits, coolers, ciders, and of course, wines.


Though the size and content of the stores vary, you don’t need to be an amateur sommelier to enjoy all that Signature stores offer. In every branch, stores carry complimentary copies of Taste Magazine—a quarterly publication with loads of information on new products and specials, plus food, wine and beer columnists who share their knowledge in laymen’s terms. This spring’s edition of Taste includes a recipe for wine-steamed lobster and chocolate Guinness Cheesecake brownies.


B.C. Liquor Stores have also put knowledge directly in your hands, in the form of a comprehensive app, available on iTunes and Google Play. A single tap will inform the user of the SOLO District liquor store hours, check the specials, and get recommendations on meal pairings.


The app also lets the user scan a barcode on a beer, spirit or wine and keep the product’s information on the mobile device as a reminder of what to buy later.


For more, see the B.C. Liquor Stores website.

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