Shoppers Drug Mart Coming to SOLO District

SOLO 142


It takes time to build a diverse neighbourhood, and securing the shopping outlets that are best for the homeowners and residents is not an easy thing.


That’s why Appia Development is proud to announce that Shoppers Drug Mart—the quintessentially Canadian pharmacy, beauty and home-goods stores— will be a retail fixture at SOLO District.


Like Tim Horton’s and Canadian Tire, the company is defined by its Canadian-ness; many of us are so loyal to the chain that it’s commonly referred to as “Shoppers.”

Toronto pharmacist Murray Koffler founded shoppers Drug Mart in 1962. Koffler, who set up the first store in Toronto, wanted to empower pharmacists to run their own practices, be independent businessmen and still be supported as a corporate entity.


Over the years, Shoppers has expanded from a store that specializes in traditional pharmacy store products, toiletries, and the odd Christmas card or laundry detergent. Today, visitors can buy books, magazines, send a parcel at the Canada Post outlet, stock up on dog food, pizza, dairy foods, and an array of groceries, including Shoppers’ own low-cost brands. Many Shoppers outlets specialize in luxury makeup brands while others offer expanded grocery store space.


Shoppers has grown from humble beginnings to more than 1,242 outlets. The wide array of products, extended hours, and Shoppers Optimum savings points are just a few examples of the draw for customers, which we are happy to work together with home owners at SOLO District.


The prospect of introducing Shoppers Drug Mart into the SOLO District community appealed to Jim Bosa and Appia Development because the companies share similar principles.  Through their pharmacists reaching out from everything from flu clinics to the company’s local investments and sponsorships, Shoppers keeps its focus squarely on community. Appia Development is confident that Shoppers Drug Mart will not only be good neighbours, but also intrinsic to the fabric of the SOLO District.


Stay tuned for more information about Shoppers Drug Mart and SOLO District.

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