Queen for a Day: SOLO Residents can Expect Quality Pampering at New Spa

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By fall 2015, The Girls Nail & Lash Boutique will have SOLO District residents feeling like royalty while they get manicures, pedicures and eyelash extensions.


The designs aren’t finalized, but owners Elly Cho and Yumi Yu want the boutique to have a trendy look with bright colours and a luxurious atmosphere.


“We’re going to add a princessy vibe because we want all customers to feel like queens at the spa,” Cho said, but made sure to add that men are welcome too.


All of the materials used at The Girls Nail & Lash Boutique will be imported from Korea.


“Korean manufactures have the best quality eyelashes and also skills because eyelash extensions originally started there,” Cho said.


Yu will oversee the training of employees and Cho will focus more on customer service and marketing.


“Since Yumi has more technique, we’re going to hire people and we’re going to make our own training system,” Cho said, but stressed that they will only hire aesthetic school graduates.


Burnaby’s beauty industry is booming, but The Girls Nail & Lash Boutique will be different because of its focus on quality and technique, according to Cho.


“If you get treatment from any staff it’s going to be the same high quality service,” she said.


Cho and Yu will also fill requests for unique products.


“There are different types of eyelashes – sometimes they can even be art,” Cho said. “We can find really special eyelashes like feathers and different shapes.”


The Girls Boutique will be located in the northeast area of SOLO District and is expected to open fall 2015. It can be booked for private events and parties or for everyday manicures, pedicures and eyelash extensions.


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